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Creating a CV

A vita, sometimes called a curriculum vita or CV, is a special type of resume used by professionals. It is longer than a resume and chronicles your professional training, experience, and contributions to the field.

Curriculum Vita vs. Resume:
  • CVs are more than one page
  • CVs list all professional credentials and experiences
  • CVs are understated and do not include dramatic language
  • CVs rarely list an “objective” list of accomplishments
  • CVs are relatively plain; keep it formal and traditional

Basic Tips for Creating a Vita:
  • Do not use abbreviations
  • Avoid sentences
  • Use bullets and headers to organize and make information easily accessible
  • Keep it factual, avoid claims like ("one of the best")
  • Keep it simple and straight forward
  • Remember people will mostly skim your vita

Common Categories for MFT Vitae:
  • Degrees: dates, university, honors (clearly list degree as "pending" until you receive it)
  • Title of project/thesis
  • Professional Licenses/Certifications
  • Continuing Education/Workshops Attended
  • Clinical Experience
  • Clinical Specialties
  • Publications and/or Presentations
  • Employment History
  • Credentials
  • Professional Memberships
  • Honors
  • Teaching Experience
  • Administrative Experience

You can find sample vitas and get personalized help on your vita at the CSUN Career Center: