Resources for Success

Registering with BBS as an Associate

Before/Upon Graduating:

Complete Form 10: Have the instructor overseeing your final semester of EPC 690 Fieldwork complete Form 10.

Order Transcripts: Request two sets of sealed transcripts from the Office of Admissions and Records. All course work and masters’ degree must be posted before the transcript is issued.Transcripts may be ordered in person with a Photo ID from the Admissions and Records service center in Baraymian Hall Lobby, Room 100 or written request can be made in the form of a letter or by filling out the Transcript Request form. For more information on how to obtain a transcript, visit
Get Application: Download the BBS MFT Associate Registration Application package.
Get Fingerprinting: While still enrolled in the final semester, students can get fingerprinting done on campus by the Campus Police:
Note: Check BBS documents for time limits regarding fingerprinting.
Fill out BBS materials:
• Complete application, get necessary photos, transcript, and complete required fingerprinting.
• For Program Verification Form: After receiving your transcriptions, make an appointment with Stan Charnofsky (818-677-2548).
⁃ Bring a $12 check made out to University Corporation
⁃ A copy of your transcript with degree posted
⁃ Bring a signed Form 10 with documentation for all elements
⁃ Program Certification Form from the BBS application; Form A for those who began in 2011 or earlier and Form B for those starting in 2012 or later.
⁃ Your Program Certification Form will be completed and sealed in an envelope, not to be open, but to be sent to the BBS along with other required materials.
⁃ You will receive a copy of the Program Certification Form for your files
• The Board asks applicants to wait 60 days after submitting the MFT Associate registration before calling for a status check. The Associate evaluator processes all applications in the order received. The Board CANNOT expedite applications for registration.
• In case of discrepancy in your paperwork, the BBS may ask you to submit your Fieldwork Agreement Forms to them. Be sure you have copies of these available.
• BBS requires that your social security number be on your Program Certification Form.
• If you apply for a MFT Associate registration number within 90 days from your qualifying degree’s conferral date, you can count the hours you accrue in between your graduation date and the issue date of your Associate registration number. The Board honors the postmark date when checking whether or not an applicant met the 90 day window.
• Please be alert!!! BBS Rules and Regulations are subject to change at any time. Once you have graduated, it is your responsibility to stay informed about the current rules.
MFT Associate Status:
• You have registered with the BBS as an MFT Associate and receive an MFT Associate number.
• You may see clients in either a private practice or in a non-profit venue under supervision.
• You may be paid by your supervisor or employer, but not paid directly by clients.
BBS Requirements for Licensure: Hour Requirements for After Graduation
Associates applying to take the MFT licensing exam by December 31, 2020 will have two options for counting licensure hours. Both options require 3,000 total hours and allow for 750 to be from the traineeship during the graduate program.

Option #1: Streamlined
In the new “streamlined” approach, Associates need to collect 1,750 direct service hours and 1,250 “other” hours including supervision and paperwork. This method should be faster for those in agency settings with demanding paperwork requirements and group supervision.

Option #2: Traditional
The other option is to use the traditional hour counting system the allows for 100 hours of personal psychotherapy to be triple counted and up to 150 relational hours to be double counted.

The faculty recommends using the “traditional” log that tracks all hours so that interns can choose either approach depending on their internship site.