Resources for Success


Applying for Graduation:

Two semesters prior to graduation (e.g., first week of Spring 2017 for graduation in December 2017), file the application for graduation and submit it with a graduation fee to the MPA Financial Aid office in Bayramian Hall (818) 677-4085.

Finishing Project/Thesis:
• Deadlines for uploading first and second drafts are posted on the Graduate Studies’ website, or go to CSUN website, under academics heading click on “Graduate Studies”, on the Graduate Studies website select on “Thesis Information”.
• Projects and Theses must be uploaded no later than the posted dates for students to graduate in a given semester.
• Also visit the department webpage for the most current version of the department Culminating Experience Handbook

Taking the Comprehensive Exam:
• The exam is held approximately four (4) weeks before the end of the semester.
• Contact the department office during the first few weeks of the semester for the semester’s due date.
• No later than one month prior to the exam, you must turn in a typed copy of your exam questions (without answers) to the main office.