Resources for Success

Traineeship Timeline

All forms mentioned below can be found on the Fieldwork Forms page.
Year One – Spring Semester:

1. Begin researching field sites.
2. Make sure that the field sites that you are looking into and interviewing at follow both CSUN and BBS supervision requirements (see section 2 for more information on supervision requirements).
3. Apply and interview at field sites, and secure a spot beginning by the start of your third semester.
4. Make sure to a) have the site approved by Fieldwork Coordinator if they are not on the list, b) complete Form 6 contract with the site, and c) complete a signed BBS Supervisor Agreement form with the supervisor.

Before seeing clients, you must (by state law) have:
1) a signed Contract (Form 6) signed by your CSUN practicum instructor on file with the university, and
2) a signed BBS Supervisor Agreement Form
Year Two – Fall Semester:

Beginning of the Semester:

University-Site Contract: Before interviewing, you should confirm that the site has a contract on-file with CSUN that allows our students to collect hours. If the site does not currently have a contract on file, they must be approved by the fieldwork coordinator.

Trainee Contract Form 6: At the field site where you have secured a trainee position, have your supervisor fill out and complete the Field Placement Contract. (This contract is replacing the previous Fieldwork Student Service Learning Plan – Form 6). The contract is to be given to your Practicum 690 or 659P instructor.

Form 6A: Complete form 6A, Fieldwork Placement Information for Online Evaluation, and give to your Practicum 659P instructor and/or the Department Secretary. This form will allow your onsite supervisor to complete an evaluation of you online and send it to your Practicum instructor. It is mandatory that your field site supervisor complies with this.

BBS Supervision Agreement Form: Have your supervisor at your field site fill out and complete the BBS Supervision Agreement Form. Hand the signed form in to your practicum instructor during the second week of classes.

Professional Liability Insurance: Using AAMFT or CAMFT, buy professional liability insurance. It is a CSUN regulation that all MFT students are required to carry liability insurance once they begin fieldwork, so even if the site at which you are to begin your fieldwork says that you are covered under their insurance, you are still required to buy your own and show proof of it. You must keep this insurance for all semesters you see clients or your hours are void.

Form 5: Complete Form 5, Student Release Form, and give to your Practicum 659P instructor.


BBS Logs

During the Semester:

• Make sure to keep records of your hours on the CSUN Weekly Summary of Hours of Experience as well as on the BBS Weekly Summary of Hours forms (for licensing purposes).These time sheets need to be signed weekly by your onsite supervisor, as well as your Fieldwork instructor.

End of the Semester:

Supervisor Evaluation of You
Ensure that your onsite supervisor has completed his/her online evaluation of you and has both reviewed it with you as well as sent it in to the University. For a grade to be issued, you must turn in a printed copy of the evaluation of you that your field site supervisor completes online.

1. Turn in Form 6A when it is due; if it is turned in late, you must hand it to Maria King in the Department Office directly. Your supervisor will not receive an email if this is not turned in.
Note: Field site supervisors are required to have an email account to supervise MFT students at CSUN. If for any reason they refuse, you will need to be assigned a different supervisor. No exceptions. It is your responsibility to ensure that they complete Form 6A and that they do have an email account that they will be checking toward the end of the semester.
2. During the last month of the semester, your supervisor will receive two emails: one with a password and one with the link to the evaluation. You should check in with supervisor about whether or not he/she has received the emails towards the end of the semester; if he/she has not, then you will need to email your fieldwork instructor with your supervisor’s email address again.
3. During the last month of the semester you should ask to have a 15-30 minute meeting to go over the evaluation. This may occur during individual supervision if you receive it regularly.
4. Once your supervisor hits the “submit” button on the evaluation, you should receive an email copy of the evaluation within 24 hours. Print the evaluation and turn it in with the rest of your documentation at the end of the semester. Note: Your supervisor has the choice to “save” or “submit” an evaluation; it needs to be submitted for you to receive the email.
5. You cannot receive a grade in the class until I have received a copy of the evaluation.
6. If you do not have a copy of the evaluation to turn in on the day it is due, please fill out an incomplete grade request form (available in the department office).

Complete an Evaluation of Your Site
1. Open a web browser
2. Go to:
3. Type in the password= epcfc1
4. Fill out the survey completely (Note: use all nine digits for your Student ID number)
6. Click Submit when you have completed the survey in order to send the results to the data warehouse.

Hand in the original signed Weekly Summary of Hours of Experience Forms to your Fieldwork instructor.

BBS Logs
Turn in a copy of your BBS logs, signed by your supervisor.
Year Two – Spring Semester

Beginning of the Semester:

• Form 6A (Fieldwork Placement Information for Online Evaluation), and Fieldwork Placement Contract (new form replacing Form 6), should still be on file with your Practicum Instructor. If not, or if something has changed (be it your supervisor or your field site), fill out new forms and hand them in to your Practicum Instructor.
• Make sure that your Professional Liability Insurance is still in effect for this semester.
• If you change supervisors or sites, you need a new fieldwork contract.

During the Semester:

• Keep CSUN Weekly Summary of Hours of Experience and BBS Hour Logs current with signatures from both your onsite supervisor and fieldwork instructor.

End of the Semester:

• Make sure that your onsite supervisor has completed the traineeship evaluation which is sent to them electronically.
• Complete the Trainee Evaluation of Site form which is available online.
• Hand in all signed CSUN Weekly Summary of Hours of Experience Forms to your fieldwork instructor; you keep the BBS Hour Logs.
• Complete the Trainee Evaluation of Site form, which is available online at
• Complete the Hour Summary Log (excel spreadsheet) which is an accumulation of the hours you have accrued over the semester. (Note: you must have completed at least 150 direct service hours to receive a Pass in 659Q. If you receive a grade of Incomplete because of lack of direct service hours, the Incomplete can be removed upon completion of these hours).

• For those students continuing their traineeships after the Spring Semester has ended, it is the BBS policy that you must be enrolled in a summer school Practicum class to gain additional supervision and support .
Year Three – Fifth Semester

Beginning of the Semester:

• Sign up for 690 or equivalent if you are seeing clients, even if you have collected the minimum number of hours. If you are seeing clients without your master's degree in hand, you must be enrolled in a practicum or fieldwork class per California law.
• Get new Professional Liability Insurance if your term has lapsed.
• Turn in Field Placement Contract to your Practicum instructor to keep on file.
• Upon completing your hours, schedule to meet with your 690 instructor or Dr. Stone. You will need to complete Form 10 and bring copies of all hour logs, workshop verifications, site contract, etc. You will then submit the signed form to the program coordinator for approval to apply for BBS intern registration at the end of the semester.
• Keep in mind that it is not a good idea to accept new clients in the last few months of your traineeship if you do not plan to stay at this site once you have graduated. Because you only have a few short months left as a trainee, taking on new clients would mean having to terminate with them early or transfer them to a new therapist, which can be detrimental to their treatment.
• If you are planning on leaving your field site after graduation, begin to prepare your clients for termination. Termination is a process and cannot just be mentioned in passing nor should clients have therapy stopped abruptly.

During the Semester:

• Keep your CSUN Weekly Summary of Hours of Experience logs current with signatures from your onsite supervisor. Your Practicum instructor will sign all of the logs at the end of the semester before graduation.
• Ensure that you will have completed a minimum of 500 direct service counseling hours prior to graduation, and a total of 600 hours (to include supervision). You should complete this 1 month prior to the last day of the last week of scheduled classes (before finals) to ensure you meet the deadline. Proof of final hours are due no later than the day of your scheduled final exam.

End of the Semester:

• The following forms need to be completed and handed in to your Practicum instructor in order to graduate:
• CSUN Weekly Summary of Hours of Experience logs.
• Summary of hours (excel spreadsheet)
• Traineeship Evaluation (your onsite supervisor must complete this electronically and return it before the end of the term)
• Trainee Evaluation of Site
Finishing Fieldwork
• Meet with your 690 instructor or Dr. Stone (or other designated fieldwork representative) to review Form 10 and all required documentation to provide proof of completion
Getting Your Intern Number
• Form 10 (mentioned above) must be signed and handed in to Stan Charnofsky for approval to apply for BBS associate registration.
• If you plan on leaving the field site you are currently working at after graduation, have your supervisor sign your completed Experience Verification Form.
• Stay Informed!
• Application for Associate Number from the BBS ( To apply, you will use your field placement contract and hour logs from your traineeship. Visit the site often to read about changes that might affect you.